Why is the .com domain so famous in the online world?

Why is the .com domain so famous in the online world?

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You must have seen the .com domain name behind every website on the Internet. Do you know what is the secret behind this?

For this, we have to go back a little bit. In 1985, when the dot-com extension was created. It was one of the first top-level domains added for the Domain Name System (DNS).

The world's first website Symbolics.com was also launched in the .com domain name itself. It was a computer company located in Cambridge. Symbolics Inc registered a .com domain name on March 15, 1985.

Today 130 million domains have been registered in total with .com domain extensions. Are you looking for a .com domain name for your website or personal blog?

Does a .com domain name still matter so much?
Yes | Even today, a .com domain name is very important. Apart from being the first top-level domain, it is still the domain name used for the business and technology company.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google also establish their brand on the same .com domain name.

If you pick up the list of Fortune 500 companies, you will find that 495 companies use .com domain names. 4 .net and 1 are using the only org.

48% website uses .com domain name:
After 1985, many companies chose a .com domain name for their website. Its fame can be gauged from the fact that the dot-com boom came in the stock market.

After this .com domain name boom, as if the use of .com domain name came into vogue and every company started investing in a .com domain name for their website.

If you talk about a top-level domain, you will be able to know by visiting this link that 48 percent of the world's websites are using only .com domain name in the top-level domain.

People trust .com domain names:
As you saw the data above, 48% of the world's websites use only the .com domain name. This is also possible because there is a perception among common people that .com domain name is better than all other domain names.

As I told you, there are only 5 such companies in a Fortune 500 company that uses a .com domain name. In such a situation, people have become convinced that the .com domain name is better than all other domains.

And after the website, put .com and search it on the Internet. If you do your own online business, or you have a website. So, of course, you should buy the .com domain name only.

Because the .com domain name makes good online authority website:
As we know the .com domain name is also necessary for high ranking. There is no big reason behind this that only websites with .com domain names rank. Think of it this way.

There are many websites with .com domain names that have been in Google due to being high domain authority domains. There is absolutely no way that you should buy and rank .com domain names.

I want to tell you that a .com domain name is a TLD domain name. And it is enough to give your website exposure all over the world. If you use any .in domain then only you will be limited to India.

Now you must have known how important it is for .com domain name business or personal blog.

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