How to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel

How to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel

Hello my name is Ankit In the previous post we learned how to make YouTube channel from mobile. Now it comes to how to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel. So let's know this too.
How to upload video to youtube.

    Open YouTube first.

    After that click on the option at the top side.
    Now select any video you want to upload to YouTube.
    Now, first insert the title of the video.
    Insert video into video description
    If you want to show your video all over the world, then you should remain public. Only you will be able to see those videos by selecting private. The other person cannot see.

    After doing all the work, you can simply publish.

After making it public, it may take some time, if the size of your video will work in uploading your video to YouTube, then that video will be uploaded soon.

A question I am asked many times.

How many channels can you make on youtube?

You can create many channels on YouTube, there is no limit to it, you can create any number of channels from the same account, but on every channel you will have to work from the beginning and create a separate Google Plus page. The channel icon will re-insert the channel art bugara. The second question that comes up is that.

How many YouTube channels can be added with Google AdS..

Yes, you can combine all YouTube channels with a single AdSense account and monetize them and earn money. So then every channel will have to be verified, yes you will have to verify each new channel separately, by keeping your phone number in mind, the only thing that can be verified from a single phone number in two years.

So if one channel gets a strike, will the rest of the channels also be affected. Now it will depend on what type of strike it is, but if the AdSense account is closed, the monetization of all the channels will stop. No money will be made, you have asked

Can you open more than one AdSense account?

 Multiple Adsense accounts cannot be created. A few years ago, if you had to create more than one YouTube account, then you needed different Google accounts, but now from 2013 or 14 you can open multiple channels from the same account.

Creating and expanding a channel on YouTube is not so easy, so it is better to focus on one channel first. It takes a lot of time and hard work to run many YouTube channels. If you are ready for both and you understand that you can handle more than one responsibility then there is no harm in trying again.

Friends, today we learned how to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel, how did you like this information, you can tell us through comments.

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