Top 10 Chrome Extension For Bloggers

Top 10 Chrome Extension For Bloggers.

If you are a blogger, you can easily do your blogging work by using these Google Chrome extensions. Chrome extensions are applications that are downloaded and installed in the Chrome browser and can be called web applications. Friends, in this post, we are telling you the top 10 most useful Chrome extensions for bloggers.

Most Useful Chrome Extensions

1. Scan WP

If you want to know about the themes and plugins of any website, then you can know with the help of this Chrome extension. After installing the extension, an orange WordPress logo will be added to your browser. So, go to the site created with WordPress and just press that logo. Within a few seconds you will know everything about themes and plugins. Although it is not so accurate, you can still try it.

2. Keyword Everywhere

When you search any keyword on your browser, this extension will tell you all the information about the search volume, CPC and how much competition are there on that keyword. Apart from this, this extension also works on YouTube and is for both Mac and Windows. Chrome extensions are very useful, you must try this.

3. Grammalaya

Grammalaya extension is very useful for people whose blogs are in English and whose grammar is not good. Whenever you mistake the grammar while writing, the village hall highlights the mistake and suggests the correct word instead. It also gives you advice as to which word would be more appropriate in which sentence.

Apart from this, the premium version of Grammalaya is also available. You can also use the premium version if you want. The premium version has more accuracy than free.

4. Google Publisher Toolbar

With the help of this extension, if you have your Google account, Google Analytics etc. Google related account, then you can easily manage such as: - Website traffic, AdSense revenue.

5. similar web

With the help of this extension, you can get a lot of information about the monthly visitors of any website, how much are the global rank, traffic sources, which traffic is coming from which country, etc. With the help of this extension, you must definitely use this extension.

6. Mailtrack

Whenever you send an email to someone, if you want to know whether or not they read that email, then you can easily know using the MailTrack extension.

7. Open Seo Stats

Open Seo Stats are the best Seo extension. With the help of this extension you can know about Alexa rank, backlinks, indexed pages, site ranking, traffic, page speed of any site.

8. Google Dictionary

With the help of Google Dictionary extension, you can know the meaning of any word. While reading any article, if you want to know the meaning of that word, then double click on that word, the meaning of that word will be displayed in front of you. By using this extension you can easily learn many new words.

9. Adults Blocker

If you read an article on a website and have difficulty in reading the article due to having more ADS on that website, then you can block those ads with the help of Ad Blocker Extension. It can block tracking scripts, banners, pop-up advertisements and more. It can block any type of ADS. It also reduces internet data consumption.

10. Google Input Tools

With the help of Google Input Tools extension, you can easily type from English to Hindi. Like you have to type (gold), so to type it, you have to type (Sona), then if you write in English then it will be converted to Hindi. This extension will help you in writing articles.

If you want to download these Chrome extensions, then you search the name of these Chrome extensions on Google, after searching, you will get the link for these extensions, you will open the link and you will see "Add to Chrome" written on it. Click on it and the extension will be added to your Chrome browser.

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