SEO Improve Karne Ke Liye Important Tips, Increase Website Ranking

Important Tips for Increase Website Ranking

To get high traffic from Search Engine on our blog, we have to do SEO Improvement of our website.

Without SEO, we cannot increase the ranking of our blog or website or boost blog traffic. If you do blogging, then you have to concentrate on improving your SEO.

To get to the top in search engine, you need to know how to do SEO properly. With this help you can easily bring your webpage to the top.

Today I will share with you some important tips related to SEO, with the help of which you can increase your website ranking by bringing your website to the top in Search Engine by optimizing Search Engine.

Increase the ranking of the website by improving SEO:

Being a blogger, you do a lot to make your blog / website SEO friendly. We lose a lot of our traffic due to some minor mistakes but you want to see your blog or website performing well, so we should focus on doing SEO Improvement of your blog.

Friends, if you want to bring your website to the first page of Search Engine, then you must see the important tips that increase these website ranking, I hope it will be helpful for your website.

Top 5+ Important Tips for Improve SEO:

Use these important tips to bring your blog / website to the top in the search engine, which will help to bring the website to the top and increase your blog's Search Engine Ranking as well as increase your traffic.

01). On Page SEO:

On-page SEO is a big factor in the ranking and traffic of any site. If your blog post is on-page SEO optimized, it easily engages both Search Engine and People’s. Whenever we write a post, we optimize it well.

Page Optimization means factors such as keywords, H1, H2, H3 of your post. With its help, you get Organic Traffic, which increases both the ranking and traffic of your website.

02). Update Post Regularly:

You should keep updating your Blog / Website regularly. Whenever a visitor comes to your site, to find something new, discovers a new post. Posting regularly, along with the readers, you also keep the search engine engaged on your site.

Search Engine Bot When you visit your blog and see whether you have entered a post or not, it means that your site is active or not. By regularly updating the website, your traffic also increases.

03). Create Sitemap:

Sitemap of any website gives information about your Site Content to Search Engine. Sitemap uses Search Engine to crawl our website. Without a Sitemap, you may also have a problem in taking Organic Traffic. You cannot get Organic Traffic without a Sitemap.

04). Make High-Quality Backlinks:

If you have high-quality backlinks on your blog, then you get traffic easily. For backlinks you can use External Link and Internal Link. Whenever you create Backlinks it should be of high-quality. Quality Backlinks means a site with a good PR Rank.

For Quality Backlinks you can use Guest Blogging, Blog Directory, Site Commenting and any Q&A forum. You can easily get Quality Backlinks from here.

05). Blog Loading Speed:

Have you ever paid attention to your blog's loading speed. If not, then I would like to tell you that the speed of your blog also plays a big role in your SEO. If your traffic is low or blog ranking is low, then one of the reasons for this can be the loading speed of your blog. Ideal Loading Speed ​​of any website should be between 3 Second to 6 Second (but Internet Network also matter).

06). Add Important Meta Tags:

Meta tags are very important for your website and it plays a huge role in it. You must use Basic Meta Tags such as: Homepage Meta Tags, Title Meta Tags, Description Meta Tags, and Keyword Tags in your Blog / Website.

• Meta Tags for Homepage: We use this Meta Tags under our <head>, it increases the ranking of our website's homepage.

• Description Meta Tags: Whenever we write a post, we use this tag for it. It helps Tag Search Engine to understand a page and comes as Post Summary in Search. In Blogger Blog, we can easily add it while writing a post. In WordPress you add it with the help of Yoast Plug-In.

• Meta Keywords Tags: We use Keyword Tags for Keyword in our Content.

You must follow all the tips given above because it will help you in improving your SEO.

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