ब्लॉगर पर Post Publish करने के बाद URL Change कैसे करे -पूरी जानकारी

How to Change URL after Publish Post on Blogger - Complete Information


Hello Friends, Blogger par post Publish karne ke bad URL change kaise kare Do you want to know this? If yes, then let us know in detail about it. Customizing the blog post URL for search engine optimization (seo) is very important while publishing the post on Blogger, you can also set the Custom Permalink but after publishing the post it is difficult to change or edit the post URL and we find it difficult Fear not to post any Erro in our post, but you do not need to take a tenson. Today, I will tell you about how to change the URL of the post published on blogspot blog. So that you can change the URL of your old post or make it seo friendly.

Customizing Permalink for all blogs is most important for seo. While writing a post on blogger blog, you can use permalink and you can bring your post to Google's top page, remove the date and month from the blogger blog post URL I told you about in the previous post. If you want to remove the date from Blogger's URL and you do not know, then you read that post.

Friends, you will know that after publishing a post on blogger, Permalink becomes disabled, after that we can not edit and change permalink of that post easily, but the tips that I am going to give today so that you can easily delete and edit changes Can use custom permalink.

There are two ways to set custom permalink in Blogger, one can add while you are writing the post and second you can change the URL edit after publishing the blogger post, in today's how to change the URL after publishing blogger post He is going to tell

How to Change Permalink URL after Post Publish in Blogger

It is very easy to change and edit the permalink URL of any post, just you have to follow some steps which I am telling you.

1. Go to the blogger's post that you want to edit or change.

2. Now click on Edit under the post whose permalink is to be changed.

3. After the Post Edit box is open, click on Revert to Draft option.

4. Now your permalink has been disabled settings enabled, now you can edit and change old posts from easy.

How to add permalink to Blogger Post.

 In the first step, we learned how to change or edit URL after publishing Blogger post, now it comes to how to add to this blogger post.

1. Click on Post Setting.

2. Click on Permalink.

3. Select Custom permalink.

4. Now you can edit or change your post's permalink.

5. After the URL is edited, click on Done.

6. You can publish after setting is complete.

This was our simple way to edit and change the URL of Blogger's published post, you can do whatever you want to update by following this step, keep in mind that after changing the URL, do not forget to publish it, otherwise your post in the draft will be saved.

We hope you like this post. And must have got good information about Blogger Published post URL Change kaise kare.

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