Microblogging क्या है ? Microblogging से पैसे कैसे कमा सकते है ?

What is microblogging? How to make money from microblogging?

  What is microblogging? Many new bloggers don't even know what microblogging is. Is Blogging and Microblogging both the same or different. Which Microblogging Platform is the most popular in India. So let's know what is microblogging, on which platform do micro blogging.

What is microblogging?

Microblogging is a combination .........

of Blogging and instant messaging. It is made up of 2 Word Micro and Blogging. Microblogging is a short messages / short post platform and with its help you can share information with the audience in short post.

Popular Microblogging Platforms

1. Twitter

Twitter is the oldest microblogging platform which some people also call social media. But the twitter is quite different from the rest of Social Media.

2. Tumblr

If I talk about the advanced microblogging platform, then the name of Tumblr comes out. In this, you get a lot of control and social media tools, due to which it is very easy to write posts.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a Photo and Video Sharing Platform. With the help of this, you can share multiple photos simultaneously and can also share video clips. It is also good platform for microblogging.

Can You Make Money With Microblogging?

You will be able to earn money from micro-blogging only when you have Audience and where there is Audience there are millions of ways to earn. I mean to say that if your fan following is in millions, then many options will open in front of you. The most important thing should be your content quality. Nothing to get from Jokes and Shayri. That's why you can earn money through Indirect way.

Microblogging vs Blogging

There is a difference of day and night between microblogging and blogging. We do microblogging on the platform of others and it does not require much time and technical knowledge to manange it. We do not get much control in this.

Blogging requires both time and technical knowledge. If it is not both, then you will not be able to last much time in Blogging. In this we get complete control. It is also our responsibility to manage. A lot of money can also be earned from this.

Less time and less work

It does not require much time to write content, you can hardly post in 5-10 minutes. Talking about Contenet, there is no problem in writing content of 100 Words. If you are doing microblogging news, then you will not need much time to write a few words by putting a headline. You can post any post with Idea in maximum 10 minutes.

Communicate With Followers

Microblogging also has the advantage that you can communicate with your followers. You can also gain fame by creating a community because you get direct contact with the audience. Saying this means you can live in harmony with your followers and make a big circle.

Manage with Mobile

There is no need of Laptop / Computer to do microblogging because you can do this work from your mobile too. After the arrival of apps, your work has become even easier. Through mobile apps, you will be able to do microblogging very easily. That is to say, you can post posts anytime and anywhere, just you should have mobile and internet.

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