Image optimization kaise karen -Image Optimize Karne Ki 6 Aasan Tips

Image optimization kaise karen -Image Optimize Karne Ki 6 Aasan Tips

One thing you should keep in mind before doing image optimization. The image should not belong to another, it must be yours and must be unique. And upload the image that you are using in your blog in original size, this increases the chance of our image being mobile friendly.

Image Optimize Kaise karen - Image Optimization Karne Ki 6 Aasan tips: -

Whatever image you use in your post should be related to the image post. It is not that my post how to make money's topic article is written and you can use Seo related image, never do this because your image will not come in the search engine. Use the related image of your post.

This can happen if you are using extra keyword in your post, then you can use the related image of that keyword.

1: rename the image

When you download an image from somewhere or editing apps, the name of the image is something like "20190826_235022.jpg". If you upload the image in the same way, this optimization will not be denied. You will not show in search also, you have to give some name to this image, name you put what you want to tell the image.

Like: - If you have a related photo of optimization then optimization. Can add Jpg.

2: Images Sahi Format Me Use karen

In the website, we use the image of 3 formats. PNG, JPEG, jPG What do you tell which of these image formats is good for our website, if you do not know then I will tell you. JPEGs are the best. They have a very small image size and a quality image.

3: Image Size Compress karen .

Whenever you make an image of a website, before you check the size of the image. Due to the size of the image, the loading speed of our website becomes very high, this causes problems to our visitor. Someone likes to visit a fast website today. This costs them less time and the Asani Post can read. You should keep in mind that the size of your image is less than 250 kb.

The lower the size of the image you get, the faster your website will run. You can use some software without reducing the quality, you can reduce the size of the image. In today's time, 40% of visitors search on google, then you can think how important image optimization is.

4: Add Image Captions

It is very important to add captions to an image, this is a text. The image that shows with many images is such that we do not add captions to the image, it is wrong to do so. In such a situation, you can add the image below about it, where is the image taken from, and you can tell what the meaning of this image is.

5: Use ALT Tag Attribute

Using alt tag in image is very important for seo. There are many new bloggers who ask the same thing every time, what is the need of alt tag when using the name of the image. Friends, let me tell you that the alt text is used in all the images you see on the internet. This tells the visitor what these images are about.

Friends internet speed often reduces or high quality image is used to emphasize loading and loading is not fast. If we use alt text, then our alt text shows, it does not hurt our user to understand.

6: Optimize Image URL

Many bloggers make the mistake that the URL of their image is too long, it is absolutely wrong and should not be used for seo, use only words + keywords in the image URL and add a question mark (?) To the last of the image Do not. This makes it difficult to render your image to google search engine.

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