How To Use 2 WhatsApp in one Mobile

How To Use 2 WhatsApp in one Mobile

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to run two Whatsapp in one mobile, but how to download two Whatsapp in the same mobile, without any app, let's start. Friends, we all know what is WhatsApp and how much we need it. And without this we can not live because we are connected with friends through WhatsApp and we keep getting information about every moment through WhatsApp.

And what happens many times when our phone goes off due to bad or some reason, then we have to chat with friends of a friend or family from your mobile, but this makes us afraid that if they see our message, If you encounter such a problem, then there is no need to take a tenson.

Today I am going to share information about how to use one mobile two WhatsApp. With which you can download two Whatsapp in one mobile and use it easily.
How to run two whatsapp on one mobile

There are two ways to run a mobile two WhatsApp, one without downloading any app and the other by downloading GB Whatsapp, today I will tell you about both ways. So let's know.
How to install another WhatsApp without the app.

In this which I am going to tell you, in this you do not need to download any app, in this you have to do some mobile settings, after that two WhatsApp will be installed in your phone.

In Friends, I am going to tell you about the setting of Samsung Mobile, if you have other phones, then you can follow this setting in other phones as well.

    Go to Mobile Settings.
    Now you have to go to Dual Messenger.
    Now the setting of Whatsapp will open in front of you. In this you have to turn ON. And then click on install.

(Note): If you want to use Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, other than WhatsApp, then you can turn on ON.

Clicking on install, WhatsApp will be installed on your mobile in a few minutes. Now you can create a WhatsApp account from any mobile number. So let's now know about the other way.

How to download GB Whatsapp and install another Whatsapp.

To run two Whatsapp in one mobile, one has to download GB Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp you will get it free on play store. In it you will get all kinds of features that you get in real whatsapp

How to create an account on GB Whatsapp |

Creating an account on GB WhatsApp is very simple.

    First of all install GB Whatsapp.
    After that, enter your mobile number.
    Now an OTP will appear on that number, enter it and enter it. And click on Verify.

After that your GB will be ready as WhatsApp.

So this way your work will become very easy. Now you will be able to run two WhatsApp apps in one mobile easily and keep your personal number safe. If you are facing any problem in downloading two WhatsApp in one mobile or you want to ask anything related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting.

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