How to make google AdSense account

How to make google adsense account

Hello Friends, in this article today, we will know how to create a Google Adsense account, if you are a blogger and have a blog or website and you want to earn money through it, then you have a Google Adsense account. Are required. It is very important for both Blogger or YouTube user to have an AdSense account. Because we earn income only from adsense. Apart from AdSense, we can earn money on our blog from affiliate marketing, but for Hindi blogs, Google AdSense is the best. There are many sites that pay us to see ads. But AdSense pays the most. How to create a Google AdSense account. Read this post to know more about it.

What is needed to create a Google AdSense account

To create a Google AdSense account, we do not have much. The first thing you have to follow is the rules (rules) of Adensee. If you do not follow the rules of Google AdSense account, then your account can be blocked.

Keep in mind that you can create only one Google AdSense account. Because Google does not allow more than one AdSense account to be created.

To create a Google AdSense account we need 3 things.

    Gmail account
    mobile number
    Internet connection

(Note): Apart from this, you must have a website / blog or YouTube channel, without this there is no benefit of creating a Google AdSense account.
How to create a Google AdSense account

Creating a Google AdSense account is very simple, you just have to follow some steps, make sure that you do not enter wrong information while creating a Google AdSense account. Fill your address and complete details correctly. So that you don't face any problems later.

Step: 1 First go to the official website of Google AdSense. Click on Sign up now.

Step: 2 Now a new page will open.

    If you want to create a Google AdSense account from an already login account, click on Yes.
    If you want to become an account from a new Gmail account. Then click on Create new Google Account.

Step: 3 Now the second page will open in front of you. Enter the URL of your website here.

    Select your language.
    Click on Continue.

As soon as you click on Continue, an information window will open in front of Google AdSense account. In which you will be asked about your address, in this you have to fill all the information correctly, because a letter arrives at your address, in which there will be a code of verification of your address, which you have to add to your account and verify your address. You will get the payment only after the address is verified.

Step: 4 In this page you have to fill your details.

    First select your country.
    Set the time zone of the country (India's time zone is +05: 30)
    Select your work option. If you want to do business, then select Business.
    Enter your company name. You must have a bank account with a company name.
    Enter your correct address here. Keep in mind that this is to be filled right. I have told you this before.
    Fill in the correct name of your city.
    Select your state cone. Such as: - Meerut
    Enter your PIN code.
    Here you have to fill your full name.
    Enter your mobile number And verify it.
    Select what you are creating an account for. If you are creating an AdSense account for a blog, select "Online Forum and Blog".
    Tick ​​Yes here everywhere.
    Now check all your information once so that there is no mistake. After filling everything right, click on submit my application.

Now your Google AdSense account has been created. Now the account is pending to be approved. When your AdSense account is approved, a message will come on your Gmail. It may also take 10-20 days.

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