Domain name क्या है ? ओर blog के लिए कियों जरूरी हैं what is domain name

what is domain name

Every new blogger starts his blogging. So it requires a domain and hosting, but if your site is on Blogger then all you need is a domain.

Mostly, when someone starts blogging, one first goes to's site. Your blogspot works with .com domain. The simple reason for this is that they want to learn blogging.

Friends, if you are new to the world of blogging and want to learn something else. So blogger is the best platform for you, you do not need to invest a penny in it, it is absolutely free.

If you have talent blogging and you want to earn money from blogging, then you should take a custom domain. Whether your site is on Blogger or on Wordpress, in this case you can not make blogging without domain name.

Because custom domain names look a bit professional. And there is a greater chance of getting google adsense approval.

Whenever a new blogger creates an account on your site blogger or wordpress, its domain name looks something like this.


You can see this domain name, to see how big a url looks. And it seems very difficult to remember and it does not look professional either.

The world is such a blogger who creates his own blog on Free's site and starts blogging for several years under the name of blogspot .com domain.

When he becomes popular in the blogging world, he would know that I would buy a custom domain. And start the work by adding new domain to the same site.

Friends, this task is not so easy. And even if you do, then after a few days, all the posts on your site will start getting errors in google. After that all the traffic of your blog will continue to decrease.

domain name is a name. This name is used for your business and there is an identity of our career, every person has a different identity, similarly you have the identity of your custom domain.

In simple Sabbath, Balu is the name of our website and our domain name is known on the Internet.

Why are there any need in the domain name blog?

Every blogger makes a blog after that, when the visitor starts visiting your blog then after that there is a strong feeling in their mind, we need a domain name friends, this thing comes to mind when we complete blogging. Sikhs take

We all know that to earn money with free domain, we have to wait for 6 months, then go to google adsense approval and if you talk about top level domain then you can take 1 month old site adsense approval. Now you must have understood that what is required for the domain name blog.

Benefits of using custom domain in Blogger

There are many advantages to using custom domain name in Blogger.

There is a high chance of ranking in the Google search engine.
There is no fear of getting Google Adsense approval.
Instead of a large URL, one can get professional links
Custom domains are much better than
Friends, if you want to earn money from internet and want to make your career. And want to be popular in the blogging world. So you should buy a custom domain.

How to select a custom domain name.

  • Choose a short name instead of a long URL.
  • Domain name resembles a professional word.
  • Your domain name matches your topic.
  • Last point - custom domain name

I hope you are up to what the domain name is and why it is important for the blog. And what is the benefit of using domain name. You must have understood this completely.

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