Blogger par free website kaise banaye | how to make blogger website

Blogger par free website kaise banaye | how to make blogger website

Hello, today we will learn. How do we '' blogger equal free website website Kaise banaye '' to earn money online. And what things are needed to build a site on Blogger.

Hello friends, I am a Hindi blogger and welcome all your friends in Hindi blog and we hope that all of you will be good. Do you know free website Kaise banaye if you do not know how to make a free website then you read my post and follow.

Before making a website, it is very important to understand that what we create is the benefit of this website.

Benefits of creating a website.

There are many benefits of creating a website, such as being famous on the internet, starting a good business on the internet, online marketing, there are many things that you can do on the website.

If you create a simple blog for Soak, then blogger.Com is the best platform for you, where you can create a free website and if you want to make an online business website then you can find the site.

If you do not have much money that you can choose the wordpress site, in this case you can create a blog on blogger site and buy a custom domain and start a blog when you get google adsense approval and earn some money. So you want to transfer from blogger site and tell you in friends in wordpress site that if you want to start blogging, then it will be good for you to start from blogger's site.

It is not that you can not earn money from blogger site, you can also earn good as you can see my site is on blogger and I am earning good money. I have already given information about how to earn money from blog

make a free website

Friends, when it comes to free we all become frustrated because everyone likes the goods of free. And we also come but free goods are not good

If we face free then you do not get a guarantee, similarly blogger to make free website on blogger, then we provide free hosting, free domain.

But this is not good for us because you will not get google adsense approval from this domain, you will have to take a good custom domain, which you will get from 400 to 800 rs. If you go to blogspot domain for approval, then you cannot earn money from it.

 Because such websites never rank only, even if they rank, no one will click on it, the reason is simple. The site with blogspot does not have good information and those regular posts are not published, you must have understood what we should do now with free or paid.

Free website banane ke liye kya - kya hona jarori hai.

  • Computer with internet.
  • If you do not have a computer, you can also do it from mobile.
  • Gmail id
  • custom domain name

If you have these 4 things missing, then you should be ready. To create a free website. If you do not have a custom domain name, no problem, you can also add it to the blog later.

Blogger Par Free Blog / Website banane ki process?

If you create a website on Blogger, then its process is simple, I am going to tell you from mobile. Both mobile and computer are step beans.

Step 1: First of all open any browser and type

When you reach the blogger's site, you will see this way. In which you have to create a profile of blogger, if you want, you can also add google + profile.

Step 2: In your second setp, click on create new blog.

Step 3: After you click on create new blog. Now your next open will be in it, you have to enter your blogs and name and the URL of the blogger.

1. Add your website name to the title

2. Enter your website's URL in the address

Step 4: As soon as you click on create new blogs, your blog is ready and now you can write a post on the blog, click on new post to make the post public.

Friends, today we know how we blogger par free website banaye I hope you liked this post. Nothing happens after creating a friend blog, it has to be posted. Before publishing the post, some seo setting has to be done in the blogger, in which I tell you about some advance important setting, which is very important for you to do.

Blogger me seo setting kaise kare
Friends, you have learned above that how we make a free website, now we will know how to do advance seo settings in the blogspot.

It is very important to add meta tags description in blog. To add a description, first go to the blogger. After that click on Settings Now click on edit in front of description.

In this box write you 150 words, save about the blog after that.

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