Blog ओर website अंतर क्या है ? कोन हमारे लिए अच्छा है ।

What's the difference between Blog and Website? who is good for us.

Hello friend, do you want to know that blog vs website Me kya Difference hai this question is very important especially for New Blogger. Because when they are doing blogging, they do not know what is the difference between blog and website. With this, they remain more confused that after all we can create a blog or a website which is good for us.

This question keeps going on in every blogger, what is the difference between the blog and the website. Today I am going to answer all the questions with the help of this post.

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

Blog and website is not much difference. Blog is made only for Content Update and we should have knowledge of some things for the website. So let's now get to know about both sites in detail.

Blog is kya - what is blog - in Hindi

Blog kya hai - blog is a site, on this site you can publish and publish blog posts at any time, you can use any platform to create a blog or website. As such, Blogger and wordpress can make both these sites blogs.

And in this you do not need to design, this work is already done in your Template and Theme, if you have to design better than that, then you can do it by yourself, there is no need to go to any developer.

Depending on your content (article, post) only on the blog, according to how many posts you publish in a day, traffic comes to your blog. The more posts on your blog, the more Visitor will come on your blog. Friends, in simple sabbath, if you are a Content Writer of a blog, all the blogs on the Internet, you see the site updating the content, is all a blog, you must understand what blogs are.

Website kya Hai? What are websites?

We need to have good knowledge of Html, JavaScript, php, Java coding to make friends website. Only then you can create a website. Websites often use big companies such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Bank, etc.

An article is not written in a blog-like website, it is used only for business. And to make this site, we need a developer, and without this site you cannot do anything without learning Coding. Like website design, if you want to build a website, then you can get your website built by contacting a developer, for this, he will charge you something. According to your website, it can take up to 2000, 3000 to make a normal to normal website.

Blog aur website ko kaise pahchane

It is very simple to recognize the blog and website. Let's show each one a way to identify blog and website


  • On the homepage of the blog, you will see the most recent post.
  • Commenting system would have been given in the blog on which you can ask your question
  • In the blog you get to see category, Post date, Author And Tag and Content
  • Most advertising services and affiliate program links are available on the blog.
  • Blogs have to be handled by themselves.
  • Only content is visible on the blog


  • On the home page of the website, internal link, other site, product sell page or any business is written
  • Website design is better than blog
  • The website has a feedback option on which you can send Advice.
  • Website is made for your business only

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