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How to register your blog name

Like we all have some name and we are identified by that name. In the same way, we have to name our blog or website. So that it can be identified.

When we are named, we have to make a birth certificate for that. By which we are officially identified and that birth certificate is our proof of birth. In the same way, we have to register our blog or website also to make sure that this domain belongs to that person and he has registered this domain on that date.

Naming the blog is a very important task. As I told you earlier, the name of a blog is its identity. So whenever you name your blog, be careful.

Blog name

Register a domain name similar to any topic you want to blogging on. So that visitors can understand what kind of information they can get in your blog.

Such as:, etc.

Domain registration is the only proof that the domain belongs to you and you are the owner of that domain, you can run that domain as long as you want and leave that domain whenever you want. Every domain name is registered for at least 1 year, and if you wish, you can register that domain for 2, 3, 5 and 10 years as well. At most, you can register your domain name for 10 years only.

Domain Name Extension

Domain name extension, that is, the part after the dot (.) Appending to the name. Such as top level domain name extension, country label domain name extension. Free Domain Name Extension, Business Domain Name Extension etc.

Top Level Domain Name Extension (gTLD): .com, .org, .net, .info etc.
Country Label Domain Name Extension (ccTLD): .in, .us, .ch, .cn, .ru etc.
Free Domain Name Extensions: .tk, .ga, .cf, .gq, .ml etc.
Business Domain Name Extension: .blog, .tech, .club, .design, .academy, .agency etc.

Every domain name extension has different price, whenever you go to register a domain, make sure that it is worth it at the time of registration and how much will have to be paid at the time of renewal. Many domain registrars offer something for domain registration for the first time and domain registration is done for a low price but the value of renewing it is high.

Blog name generator

Naming a blog is a big challenge because millions of domain names have already been registered and millions are registered every day. Many times, the name of the blog that we like is already registered, so we need to change the name of our blog.

The task of domain name generator tools is to manipulate the domain name. Suppose you want to keep your domain name ABC, but if that name is already registered, then you can check whether that domain name is available for registration by adding a word before or behind the ABC domain name. Is not.

Things to keep in mind while registering domain names

Whenever you register domain, it is very important to take care of some things at that time. Your money can be wasted due to a mistake. And you may not like the domain you have registered later, or the domain name may not be correct according to your blog.

Such as:

Based on the topic of your blog, you name your blog.
Name the blog with a minimum of words.
Blog names can be pronounced easily.
Spelling of the name of the blog should be easy so that anyone can find this blog.
Do not use - between blog names.
It is not considered good to use marks (2,5,6) in the name of the blog.
Keep a domain name that is easy to remember, and also good to speak.
Try to register only the top level domain.
Before buying the domain name, do check the spelling of it, whether it is correct or not.

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