Blog Kaise Banayen? BLOG Se paise Kaise Kamayen.

How to create a blog? How to earn money from a blog? Can anyone create a blog without technical knowledge?

If you want to start a blog, then all these questions will definitely come in your mind. So first of all I would like to tell you that you can create a blog without any technical background. And start blogging and earn money online.. Creating a blog is very easy. But it is also a bit critical. If you start it without a proper guide, then you will be very comfortable. And you will do the Quit after a few days. Because millions of blogs are made every day. But only a few of them blog long time.

So it is very important to follow a good guide.

Considering Worry In this post I will tell you the secrets of creating a step by step blog. And you should know everything related to the blog. Like how it works, and how you can make money from your blog. Otherwise you will leave blogging after a few days in confusion. And this should not happen, so on this post I am telling about all the important things to make a blog. So let's start.

What is needed to create a blog?

1: Select Language (Blog Language)

2: Select the best Topic for Blog (Blog Topic)

3: Logo Design and Color Code for Blog (Blog Logo Design)

4: Choose Platforms to Create Blog

 (Blogging Platform)



Write 5: High Quality Content

6: Perfect Content Marketing

7: Feed and Email Marketing Setup

8: Monetize the blog and earn money online

After following the above tips, you are now on the stage of monetizing your blog, after monetization you can earn money from your blog. But first you have to set your blog on proper way. There are many ads agency on the internet to monetize the blog.

Which has something popular,

Google AdSense

 Media. net

There are many companies and Adsense Alternatives to monetize blogs. But of these, Google AdSense is the most popular.

Google AdSense:

And to monetize your blog on Google Adsense, you have to keep these few things in mind.

# 1) Create Pages

· About Us

· Privacy Policy

. Desclaimer

# 2) Write at least 20 High Quality posts

You can easily monetize your blog with google AdSense in 1 month. But for this, you have to write quality content and follow SEO strategy properly.

Affiliate Marketing

Also you can earn money from your blog through affiliate marketing. On some popular affiliate agencies like Amazon Affiliate, Click bank, you can join and start affiliate marketing through a blog.

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