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How to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel

How to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel

Hello my name is Ankit In the previous post we learned how to make YouTube channel from mobile. Now it comes to how to upload videos from mobile to YouTube channel. So let's know this too.
How to upload video to youtube.

    Open YouTube first.
    After that click on the option at the top side.
    Now select any video you want to upload to YouTube.
    Now, first insert the title of the video.
    Insert video into video description
    If you want to show your video all over the world, then you should remain public. Only you will be able to see those videos by selecting private. The other person cannot see.
    After doing all the work, you can simply publish.

After making it public, it may take some time, if the size of your video will work in uploading your video to YouTube, then that video will be uploaded soon.

A question I am asked many times.

How many channels can you make on youtube?
You can create many channels on You…

How To Use 2 WhatsApp in one Mobile

How To Use 2 WhatsApp in one Mobile
Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to run two Whatsapp in one mobile, but how to download two Whatsapp in the same mobile, without any app, let's start. Friends, we all know what is WhatsApp and how much we need it. And without this we can not live because we are connected with friends through WhatsApp and we keep getting information about every moment through WhatsApp.

And what happens many times when our phone goes off due to bad or some reason, then we have to chat with friends of a friend or family from your mobile, but this makes us afraid that if they see our message, If you encounter such a problem, then there is no need to take a tenson.

Today I am going to share information about how to use one mobile two WhatsApp. With which you can download two Whatsapp in one mobile and use it easily.
How to run two whatsapp on one mobile

There are two ways to run a mobile two WhatsApp, one without downloading any app and the other by downloa…

How to make google AdSense account

How to make google adsense account

Hello Friends, in this article today, we will know how to create a Google Adsense account, if you are a blogger and have a blog or website and you want to earn money through it, then you have a Google Adsense account. Are required. It is very important for both Blogger or YouTube user to have an AdSense account. Because we earn income only from adsense. Apart from AdSense, we can earn money on our blog from affiliate marketing, but for Hindi blogs, Google AdSense is the best. There are many sites that pay us to see ads. But AdSense pays the most. How to create a Google AdSense account. Read this post to know more about it.

What is needed to create a Google AdSense account
To create a Google AdSense account, we do not have much. The first thing you have to follow is the rules (rules) of Adensee. If you do not follow the rules of Google AdSense account, then your account can be blocked.

Keep in mind that you can create only one Google AdSense account.…

Complete information on how to write a high quality post in Hindi

Complete information on how to write a high quality post in Hindi
Hello friend, if you are a blogger then you must be thinking that the blog post you have written should come on the top page of Google. But you should take one thing here that there is no shortcut way to bring your blog post to the top rank of Google, you have to write a high quality post blog post.

So friends, let's not waste too much time, let us see how to write quality content for your blog or website.

How to write a high quality post in Hindi

High quality posts are very easy to write but you have to write posts keeping in mind some things. Which i am telling you What to do to write a high quality post

1. Do keyword research

    It is very important that you do keyword research before writing any blog post. Because by doing the right keyword research, you will get a lot of traffic and your blog post will get good ranking in Google and other search engines which is very important.

    With the right keyword rese…

Blog Name Kaise Register Karen

How to register your blog name

Like we all have some name and we are identified by that name. In the same way, we have to name our blog or website. So that it can be identified.

When we are named, we have to make a birth certificate for that. By which we are officially identified and that birth certificate is our proof of birth. In the same way, we have to register our blog or website also to make sure that this domain belongs to that person and he has registered this domain on that date.

Naming the blog is a very important task. As I told you earlier, the name of a blog is its identity. So whenever you name your blog, be careful.
Blog name

Register a domain name similar to any topic you want to blogging on. So that visitors can understand what kind of information they can get in your blog.

Such as:, etc.
Domain registration is the only proof that the domain belongs to you and you are the owner of that domain, you can run that domain as long as you want and leave th…

SEO kya hai aur kyu use kiya jata hai

What is SEO? Why is it done?

If you are a blogger, or you own a website, or you create a website for your client. So you should know SEO. If you do not know about SEO, then you have only half the knowledge of this field. Below I have tried to convey all the important things to you one by one.
What is a search engine?

The search engine is a kind of system. Within which if we want to find out about anything, then that search engine gives us the right information from inside the entire Internet.
Search engines always go to different websites and gather new information. And whenever someone needs information about anything, he goes to the search engine and searches. And the search engine shows us the results related to it.

What is SEO? in Hindi

We have understood about the search engine. So now we understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it works.

Every search engine has its own algorithm. And he works according to the same algorithm. And if your website or blog is cor…

Top 10 Chrome Extension For Bloggers

Top 10 Chrome Extension For Bloggers.

If you are a blogger, you can easily do your blogging work by using these Google Chrome extensions. Chrome extensions are applications that are downloaded and installed in the Chrome browser and can be called web applications. Friends, in this post, we are telling you the top 10 most useful Chrome extensions for bloggers.

Most Useful Chrome Extensions

1. Scan WP
If you want to know about the themes and plugins of any website, then you can know with the help of this Chrome extension. After installing the extension, an orange WordPress logo will be added to your browser. So, go to the site created with WordPress and just press that logo. Within a few seconds you will know everything about themes and plugins. Although it is not so accurate, you can still try it.

2. Keyword Everywhere

When you search any keyword on your browser, this extension will tell you all the information about the search volume, CPC and how much competition are there on that ke…